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Session Options and Rates

How Much will It Cost?

Services are affordable and reasonable! These are programs for real people, remember? There are endless options available to get you to your fitness goals. Contact Izzy and hear for yourself. Here are just some of the options available. Contact information for scheduling is located on the Get Fit Now! page.

Private Sessions (Individual)**

Posture Assessment         $55 
Movement Assessment     $55 
Assessment Combo          $75, includes a posture and a movement assessment

  6-Pack Private Session***                $330 per session (six visits)  = $55 each visit 
10-Pack Private Session***                $400 per session (ten visits) = $40 each visit

Semi-Private Sessions (2 Persons)**

  6-Pack Semi-Private Session*** $240 per session (six visits)  = $40 each visit
10-Pack Semi-Private Session*** $300 per session (ten visits) = $30 each visit

"In Between" Sessions (3 Persons)**

  6-Pack In Between Session $150 per session (six visits)  = $25 each visit
10-Pack In Between Session $200 per session (ten visits) = $20 each visit

Group Sessions**

Small Group 10-Week Session - Classes (4-9 participants)
$15 per class per person - 8 classes prepaid @ $120, two drop-ins permitted same rate or two missed classes no fee

Large Group 12-Week Session - Classes (10+ Persons)
$10 per class per person - 10 classes prepaid @ $100, two drop-ins permitted same rate or two missed classes no fee

Support Services - Coaching and Weekly Workouts 

With the support service you will receive regular personal coaching and assistance developing an individual plan that fits your body and lifestyle. As part of the plan, you will receive emails with Izzy’s bootcamp workout of the week to do at home. These services are available for clients who are actively scheduling private sessions weekly or biweekly. The additional support service fee is $25 weekly, when combined with a minimum pack of ten sessions. Entirely optional, this service is a great kick start and motivator for both you and your metabolism  - stay on track and see results with a personalized plan. 

How Do Izzy's Services, Rates and Session Lengths Compare to Other Trainers?

From the start, you will receive a more personalized approach to your training. Izzy has many credentials and takes teaching proper form seriously. Izzy is a stickler for making sure that you are receiving the best care and attention that she can provide from her background. Private, semi-private and small group sessions are structured based on the results of any assessments performed or observations of muscle strength, balance and posture made during her visits with you. She will provide modifications and recommendations for exercises to help work towards your goals.

As for time moving - you will get much more move time with Izzy. Compared to other facilities and studios, there is a considerable advantage for Izzy's clients - as most studios do not provide as much time for the actual workout. 

As for cost - you are getting more training time for the price and the hourly rate is much lower compared to area studios.  For example, a typical private session at a studio will cost $75 plus fees for a 50-minute visit, and the trainer does not even come to you like Izzy!