I'm Dropping In Card

You were awarded an "I'm Dropping In" card? Good for you! - whether this was for paying AND attending 12 classes or as a reward for some other fitness or life accomplishment, you deserve an applause.

You now can drop in to another class, whether at your normally scheduled time or something different of your choice, without any fee.


I'm Dropping In Card

Eligible Use

To attend a class that you normally are not registered for - the class must have space for an additional participant and you must be fit for the level of activity of that class. 

Most class structures are modifiable to all levels, however, on occasion there may be an Advanced class on the schedule or an Advanced program on the plan for a particular day.

Ways to Earn an IDI Card

First time registrants will receive an "I'm Dropping In" card for an additional class at no charge. 

Returning registrants will receive an "I'm Dropping In" card for an additional class at no charge after paying AND attending 12 classes (first registration and redeemed I'm Dropping In cards do not qualify towards the 12).

At Izzy's discretion.

Card Expiration/Validation

Cards expire 90 days from the date indicated with Izzy's signature.

All cards must have been recorded and signed by Izzy, with name of recipient and date of issue noted.

Non-transferable - only the person issued the card may redeem the card. 

Cards may only be redeemed by active registrants of classes at Cold Spring Farm.

Copies not accepted.

Card has no cash value.

Can not be redeemed until receipt of full payment for the corresponding session and any outstanding balances.