About Izzy

Izzy is probably much like many of you. She juggles a full-time job, community outreach and a home life.  And, also like many others, she has struggled to find a happy balance with all those responsibilities, her own health and weight. 

She "gets it".  She knows how hard it is to find the time and all the excuses in the book. But, she also knows how much more painful life can be if you don't keep moving. 

She trains to stay healthy and to combat chronic pain. She is a first-hand example of how important it is to find a program or combination of programs that you enjoy so that you maintain a schedule of regular exercise.

Izzy loves to train but she has no patience for boredom in her program so she mixes it up. She has a passion for the medicine ball, kettlebell, circuit training and cardio-strength boot camps.  She hikes regularly for fun and nature watching as well as to regroup with the family, which includes two awesome furry kids.  She runs only when she has to as a means of picking the pace back up and getting reenergized - and, more often, when her dogs threaten to eat her if she doesn't get them out of the house.  She also has been practicing yoga and Pilates as part of her routine for about a decade. She has a love-hate relationship with her snowboard. But she is a nut about the stand-up paddleboard and will try most anything once, as long as her trusty doggie sidekick Rosco is with her.

Direct to You from Izzy

Hi, everyone. I am a New England native. I have been fitness training as a means of overcoming chronic pain sustained from an injury over fifteen years ago. Since then I have made every effort to stay fit and healthy but have struggled along the way. 

I work full-time in a completely unrelated field to fitness training and am unfortunately a desk job inmate which contributes tremendously to my ongoing level of daily discomfort. This is my motivation. I have to keep moving so it hurts less, so I can keep working and so I can keep playing. I want others to feel better, too, and I want to help them to realize that it only hurts more if you do NOT keep moving.  

I have tried many forms of exercise for the mind and body. I now do a little of everything and love it. Working to encourage others with or without injuries be TRULY active and improve their quality of life was my driving force for getting certified. 

I feel that I have found my niche in this field and wish that this was my full time career. So, when you make time for a session or class with me, I promise that you are my focus because I love helping others feel their best and reach their personal goals.

"It's not supposed to hurt - I'm just sayin'.  
So, get moving and work out those kinks. 
Life does not have to be painful."